I let you…

I let you lead me to think it was me

That I was crazy



But now I realize

It wasn’t me

It was you

Hiding your white fragility

In the guise of worry

When you called me honey

And said you worried

That I’d miss out

On what I could be enjoying

Because of my critical disdain
My anger, my pain

I let you hug me

When inside so uneasy

That your words made me quesy

And when I yelled

That her words stung and hurt

“She’s well intentioned,” they said

Fuck your intention

I let you cause me to believe

That I was crazy

Ill tell you what’s crazy

Looking right at a friend

Asking them to hide from their pain

Because what they see

Is beyond you to feel

They call that privilege

When you can cause someone to believe

Their words don’t matter

And their thoughts start to shatter
Your words seeping doubt
In my heart and my mind

I let you lead me to believe

I was crazy



I won’t let you again

I found my power.