Sameness on lock

We think our traumas
Are the things
That leave marks
Big and violent

We think our worlds
Were fine
The way they were
Small and exclusive

We think rebuilding
Means fixing what was
Going back to the what we know
Familiar and comfortable

What we don’t stop to think
To realize
Is our worlds
The ones that got broken
Needed to break

And the worst violence
We inflict
Is the violence
We inflict
On ourselves
By forcing our worlds
To be small
When they could be big
Big and powerful

Our worlds could be grand
Without all the boundaries
Our worlds could include more
With love in action

We think that we’re loving
When we hold up the world
As we know it
Familiar and comfortable

We’ve got sameness on lock
But what if we saw
The violence
We inflict
With our worlds

The boundaries we draw
Like lines in the sand
Let the sand wash away
And with it our pain

This is still in draft form but sharing nonetheless. Feedback welcome!