I'm going to rock the show.

Forever mine

I miss you I’ve been missing you I had hope you’d come back That the anger would thaw That we’d get to hug And I’d hear you say “hey” In the way that you did Even when deep in pain And we’d started to walk Quietly back Toward each other Though gently So you wouldn’t […]



Dear Education, I was a kid And you told me to dream As long as it fit Your mold Your idea Your restraints I was a teen And you told me I could be anything As long as it fit Your framework Your ideals Your restraints I was a young adult And you told me […]



Cancer I wrote down her diagnosis So I could learn it Control it Manipulate it somehow As though deleting it from the page Would release her I wrote down her diagnosis So I could memorize it So I could feel close to her Protect her Fix her I wrote down her diagnosis But the words […]


Sameness on lock

We think our traumas Are the things That leave marks Big and violent We think our worlds Were fine The way they were Small and exclusive We think rebuilding Means fixing what was Going back to the what we know Familiar and comfortable What we don’t stop to think To realize Is our worlds The […]


Unruly, messy love

Don’t get it twisted I yell it, because I mean it Your job is not to change To mold To morph Your job is to love Love because of Love in spite of Love even though You don’t understand You can’t stand A future different from the one You were promised By your mind’s eye […]


Step On a Crack

Line after line in the sidewalk, That’s all I could see. Other kids would jump around, leap past me, bent over in my periphery Grabbing at roly polies. But not me, So careful was I, watching the lines. Watching the cracks in the pavement. Step on a crack break your mother’s back! All it took was to […]