I'm going to rock the show.


We think we are¬†untouchable It’s the way that we survive The things that ail our counterparts Will never cease the way we thrive We think we are entitled To laugh and joke all day Our belief we are¬†untouchable Keeps all our fears at bay No one is¬†untouchable Pain is always steps away Your guard falls […]


Pictures of Dad

I like the way my dad stands When he is proud At attention Crown of his head Reaching for the sky Profound Powerful Dignified It makes me proud The way he stands His hands at his sides Chest puffed up Shoulders back A smile in his eyes He beams He humbles He honors And he […]


That voice

I heard my mom sing today It was beautiful Especially after the doctor’s visit She’d said, it’s unusual But people have lived for years With metastatic disease She had to say unusual Why did she have to say unusual? Mom took it as hope I was gripped with fear But we heard “Strangers in the […]


Flower boxes

I like to walk the sidewalks Man’s created sidewalks Adorned with flowers Bringing nature back Back from where we sent it Contained Curated Colorful We adorn our sidewalks The streets man created Grown beyond what we can control The street’s ritual Beckoning our life Asking us for its beauty Back from where we sent it […]



I only write poems at night While he snores But my heart beats too fast Too loud For sleep Or comfort Or hope I can hear the rain It calls me It wants to cleanse this broken heart I want to leave it broken See how much I can take Until the light resurfaces