I cried at the end of the bike ride As the virtual instructor yelled at me to push “Rise up!” He said “Let your heart lift out of your chest! And rise up, let your heart carry you!” I pushed Pedaling hard All of the months and years Rattling in my head As it battled […]



We think we are so strong But humans We are crazy fragile Stupid, silly fragile So there’s no shame In showing our cracks We break Our bodies Our hearts Our spirits And each other But we rise Phoenix From the ashes Fused from breaks Forever just as fragile But repaired At our cracks That we […]



I can hear myself swallow Each movement Jerks Against the corners of the inside of my mind Irregular movements Make uneven beats They pound inside me Building heat Filling my eyes Tears hot Covering my cheeks The scars Where they cut me open Skin, flesh, skull They throb As though alive for themselves I ache […]