My mom has cancer Say it Over and over again I can’t breathe Stop saying it Stop I couldn’t sleep When she told me I didn’t want to For fear She’d be gone And I’d be sleeping Peacefully And because I’m scared of my dreams Of what my soul and spirit will feel If my […]


That voice

I heard my mom sing today It was beautiful Especially after the doctor’s visit She’d said, it’s unusual But people have lived for years With metastatic disease She had to say unusual Why did she have to say unusual? Mom took it as hope I was gripped with fear But we heard “Strangers in the […]


Flower boxes

I like to walk the sidewalks Man’s created sidewalks Adorned with flowers Bringing nature back Back from where we sent it Contained Curated Colorful We adorn our sidewalks The streets man created Grown beyond what we can control The street’s ritual Beckoning our life Asking us for its beauty Back from where we sent it […]